Concrete Design Masters of Florida will repair cracks in any concrete slab using CTi’s patented color application pattern design systems. As CTi’s Authorized Central Florida Dealer, Concrete Design Masters will transform any type of concrete, cement, or stone surfaces to look and feel like brick, granite, stone, tile, or wood.

  • Hallmark System

  • Stone Classic System

  • F1 System

  • Acrylistain System

Hallmark System - Patio Random Tile with Brick Border LookHallmark System - Poolside with Stone Classic BorderHallmark System - Poolside Basic with Stone Border

The Hallmark System

Resurfacing a driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway or even a vertical surface is easy and cost-effective with CTi’s Hallmark System.

The Hallmark System offers an endless array of colors, textures, and patterns that gives your home a look of natural stone, brick, slate, marble, or something truly unique.

The Hallmark System is the perfect protection against common concrete enemies like freezing & thawing, fading, salts & alkalis, stains, and heat. Not to mention allowing for easy cleaning.

Perfect for: Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Walkways, and more!

Stone Classic - Exterior Random Tile LookStone Classic System - Interior Tile LookStone Classic - Basic Interior Tile Look

The Stone Classic System

Get the look of natural stone for a fraction of the price and no installation headache! Wood looks, with the strength and durability of concrete.

CTI’s Stone Classic System is a true state of the art coating that resurfaces old and new concrete around the home. It is perfect for areas where you need a tough, but beautiful floor covering. The Stone Classic System will give your home a custom-built look for much less than you would pay for marble, granite, or other industry-standard products.

Stone Classic is a formulation of acrylics and resins that bond with the concrete to create a tough surface that resists chipping and staining. Stone Classic retains its rich coloring and good looks for years.

Perfect for: Kitchens, Playrooms, Basements, Bathrooms, Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Foyers

F1 Fast Floor System - Basic GarageF1 Fast Floor System - Basic Workout RoomF1 Fast Floor System - Basic Commercial

The F1 Fast Floor System

Sometimes you want to keep it simple, but add a touch of elegance to your surface. Garage floor an eyesore? Maybe just worn and in need of repair?

The CTI F1 Fast Floor System offers cutting-edge nano-technology which combines the most desirable traits of both epoxies and urethanes.

CTI’s F1 System provides quick curing time which dramatically reduces downtime during application. The F1 is an outstanding interior coating that offers superior penetration and bonding strength.

The F1 Fast Floor System will give you years of abrasion, impact, and wear resistance.

Perfect For: Playrooms, Basements, Bathrooms and most popular in garages

The Acrylistain System

CTI’s Acrylistain System comes in a number of colors and styles to give you a look that is all your own. Unlike acid-stained concrete, Acrylistain is environmentally friendly and will not damage cabinets, rails, and other surrounding areas. The system provides a consistent, color-integrated look that is not affected by the PH or make-up of the concrete.

In addition to its beauty, the Acrylistain System is easier to maintain than tile, wood, or other standard industry products. It can be applied over concrete that has cracks, chips, or other defects due to its ability to cover those imperfections and give your floor a brand new look.

The CTI Acrylistain System provides your home with the rich, warm look of concrete stain while giving your floors a tough as nails protective coating that will withstand heavy traffic, stains, and keep its luster for years.

Perfect for: Kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, driveways, patios, pool decks, and foyers.

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